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Photoluminescent (phosphorescent) pigment and powder

With over 10 years of technical experience in the photoluminescents, AllureGlow® provides 29 different glow pigments and powders available to suit a variety of applications including paint and ink production, glass manufacture, ceramic glaze, plastic moulding  and multiple other applications.
Glow in the dark pigments include fast charge, ultra high glow, coloured, fine &  coarse grades and customised pigments
Whatever your application, Allureglow® will assist with pigment selection that will best suit your application.

High glow grade: (Fast charge type)

Code: AHV-8E, Particle size: 10-25um.
Code: AHV-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.
Code: AHV-8B, Particle size: 65-85um.
Code: AHV-8A, Particle size: 150-200um.

 Super glow grade: (Super long afterglow duration)

Code: AHV-9F, Particle size: 5-10um
Code: AHV-9E, Particle size: 10-25um.
Code: AHV-9D, Particle size: 20-45um.
Code: AHV-9C, Particle size: 45-65um
Code: AHV-9B, Particle size: 65-85um.

Super glow and fast charge (green glow color)

Code: AHV-10D, Particle size: 20-45um.

2: Glow in the dark aqua ( blue green ) pigment

Code: ALV-9E, Particle size: 10-25um.
Code: ALV-9D, Particle size: 20-45um.
Code: ALV-9B, Particle size: 75-100um.

3: Glow in the dark blue pigment

Code: ATV-8E, Particle size: 10-25um.
Code: ATV-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.
Code: ATV-8C, Particle size: 55-75um.

4: Glow in the dark purple pigment

Code: APV-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.
Code: APV-8B, Particle size: 75-100um.

5: Glow in the dark white pigment

Code: AWP-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.


6: Traditional Zinc sulphide glow pigment (quick activating and emitting)

Code: AZS-Y, Particle size: 15-35um. Daytime green and glow green.
Code: AZS-R, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime red and glow red.
Code: AZS-O, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime orange and glow orange.

7: Strontium based with glow orange ( daytime white and glow orange)

Code: ARO-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.

8: Strontium based with glow red (daytime white and glow red)

Code: ARP-8D, Particle size: 20-45um.

9: Daytime fluorescent glow in the dark pigment

Daytime fluorescent colours coated onto glow in the dark pigment
Code: A S-4MR, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime red and glow orange red.
Code: AS-4MP, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime pink and glow orange.
Code: AS-4MO, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime orange and glow yellow.
Code: AS-4MG, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime green and glow green.
Code: AS-4MY, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime yellow and glow yellow.
Code: AS-4MB, Particle size: 20-45um. Daytime blue and glow blue.

10: Glow in the dark sand – coarse pigment

Code: AHV-8W, Particle size: 1.2mm-1.5mm. Big size of glow green powder.
Code: ALV-8W, Particle size: 1.2mm-1.5mm. Big size of glow aqua powder.
Code: AHV-9W, Particle size: 0.8-1mm, Super glow grade of green sand.

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